State budgetary professional educational
Institution of the Moscow region “Serpukhovskiy College”

Location: 154, Centralnaya Street, Moskovskaya oblast, Serpukhov Russia

Tel.: 8(4967)35-55-98


Historical reference

Date of establishment:  September, 1., 2015.

 College history:

GBPOU MO (State budgetary professional educational institution of the Moscow region) “Serpukhovskiy College” is the legal successor of three educational institutions of the city of Serpukhov: The Serpukhov Machine-Building Technical School (whose history began in 1930 with the creation of The Serpukhov Textile Technical School, then renamed into The Machine-Building Technical School since 1965); The Moscow Regional College of Humanities (whose history began in 1965 with the creation of The Vocational School No. 55, in 1992 renamed into The Professional Lyceum and in 2001 it became a college) and Serpukhov Technical College (whose history began in 1946 with the creation of Serpukhov Electromechanical College, The Instrument-making College since 1956, and then  The Technical College since 1991).

First directors: Kuzovlev S.Ya. - the first director of The Textile Technical School, Shurupov Yuri Aleksandrovich, a graduate of the Serpukhov Electromechanical Technical School, headed The Vocational School № 55;

Mungalov Ivan Mikhailovich, retired colonel, headed the Electromechanical College in 1946.

For a long period of time, educational institutions were headed by:

Nikolai Mikhailovich Kuznetsov, director of the Engineering College since 1960;

Volkov Nikolai Mikhailovich, Honorary Worker of Secondary Specialized Education of the Russian Federation;

Kozmina Alla Aleksandrovna, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, Honored Education Worker of the Moscow Region, Honorary Citizen of the city of Serpukhov;

Artyomov Alexander Vasilievich, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, awarded with the distinction "For services to the city of Serpukhov".

At present State budgetary professional educational institution of the Moscow region “Serpukhovskiy College” is headed by Tatyana Viktorovna Fedorova, Honorary Worker of Secondary Professional Education of the Russian Federation, Honorary Worker of Education and Education of the Russian Federation.


College during the Great Patriotic War.

When the Great Patriotic War began, the Serpukhov Textile College was not even 11 years old. Many teachers, staff and students of the Technical School, left for the front. The Technical School temporarily stopped its work, there was a hospital located in the educational building. But on March 1., 1942, classes already resumed within the walls of the Technical School.



GBPOU MO "Serpukhovskiy College" is the leading educational institution of the vocational training in the Southern Moscow region. The Museum of Military Glory named after the participant of the Great Patriotic War, Major General of Aviation N.D. Dudnik was created there.

College students are the winners of the All-Russian competition "Economic Growth of Russia" in the nomination "Best Research Student Work".

In 2019, the college was awarded a diploma for the best organization of extracurricular activities in an educational organization, became a laureate of the national competition "100 best secondary schools of the Russian Federation" for the high quality of educational services.

In 2020, the college was awarded for the best organization of work on the patriotic education of the younger generation and was awarded a diploma of the laureate of the All-Russian competition "500 best educational organizations of the country."

The college entered the "TOP-100" of the best educational organizations of secondary vocational training of the Russian Federation of the movement "Young Professionals" (WORLDSKILLS ROSSIA) for 2018 and 2019.

Honored teachers:

Kozmina Alla Aleksandrovna, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation;

Barkova Natalya Alekseevna, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation; Voronkova Lyudmila Nikolaevna, Honorary Worker of the SPO of the Russian Federation;

Lisov Valery Grigorievich, Honorary Worker of the SPO of the Russian Federation; Svyatova Irina Vladimirovna, Honorary Worker of the SPO of the Russian Federation;

Chernikova Lilia Valentinovna, Honorary Worker of the SPO of the Russian Federation;

Raihina Irina Vladimirovna, Honorary Worker of the SPO of the Russian Federation.

Notable college alumni:

Graduates of our college are in the high demand at the labor market. Their professional knowledge and skills in the field of tourism, hospitality, economics and management, law, mechanical engineering, computer science and computing, radio equipment, transport and construction are needed in the region.

They are among college alumni: 

  • Rybin R.R. - Head of the production site of LLC Riello-Service,
  • Lyukov - chief welder of Sulzer Chemtech LLC,
  • Kostik I. - Senior Counselor of the Moscow Region Prosecutor's Office,
  • Eglet D. - Deputy Prosecutor for Transport of the city of Kaliningrad,
  • Zaykova N. - Head of the Communications Department at the Travel Agency "GOLDEN TRAVEL",
  • Shurupov Yu.A. - the first director of vocational school number 55,
  • Revyakin V.A. - Head of SKB JSC "Serpukhov Plant" Metallist ",
  • Kalinin N.A. - director of the radio engineering plant,
  • Yakushev A.V. - President of the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
  • Ryabov V.V. - lieutenant colonel, head of the traffic police of the Baikonur cosmodrome,
  • Timokhin Yu.N. - Chief Designer of RATEP-INNOVATION LLC.